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Hey Y’all! I’m Amber Okolo-Ebube.

I’m a Texas native (born and bred) and passionate about all things homeschooling. Like seriously. It’s an obsession. I’m a homeschooling veteran of over a decade and feel that my ability to build communities is my superpower.

I often faced difficulty finding multi-cultural homeschool co-ops. So, I decided to create Leading Little Arrows, a diverse community where my children and their friends could grow and learn through hands-on experiences. It is my opinion that the best part of homeschooling is the ability to hear, see, and touch the subjects we are learning about.

Through my company, I work as a speaker, enrichment facilitator, and special needs homeschooling consultant/advocate for families. Our mission is to provide community + rest to homeschooling moms that feel overworked, anxious, and overwhelmed. 

Due to my work as a Director in Marriage and Life Enrichment Boot Camp (yes, the one from the T.V. show), I see the effects that unhealed childhood trauma can have on high-performing adults. As a result, I aspire to provide emotionally safe learning spaces for all families. I frequently utilize the tools I teach in seminars with my LLA students. As a nature advocate, I feel there’s no homeschooling difficulty that outdoors cannot solve. 

You can find me discussing homeschooling, life as a SPED home educator, large family living and so much more on my podcast: Okem + Amber

I currently reside in Arlington, TX with my husband/best friend, Okem, and our 5 amazing children.

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